Game disk PS4 Days Gone

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  • Language - Russian
  • Age limit - 18+
  • Online play requires a PlayStation Plus subscription
  • Compatible with all PlayStation 4 consoles.

Days Gone (Life after) The newly-minted Exclusive PlayStation 4, which in our time, thanks to several years of creation of cultivated exclusive content, is synonymous with the word "Masterpiece" on the PlayStation 4.
The long-awaited Postapocalypse | Action - Survival with a huge open world capable of all the canons and achievements in the field of setting and game design to confidently compete with such giants of the genre as "One of Us" and "Horizon Zero Dawn".

The plot of the game takes place two years after the invasion of the living dead and all sorts of mutated wild animals. You have to travel and explore the wild world as a charismatic biker - the main character, which is the culmination of developers in the field of character development. In the course of the game, you will have to defend your life and the lives of your friends with entire hordes of zombies, which will certainly give every player a tremendous amount of sharp, interesting moments. Survival aspect is manifested in this game as well as possible and sufficiently developed element of the game. So for example, you always need to monitor the condition of your bike and keep the tank filled, since our main character is an excellent jack of all trades and will not allow the engine to give a “wedge”. But for this you need to craft a lot, search for the necessary equipment, or create it yourself in friendly surviving camps. An incredibly well-developed Action aspect of the game, manifested primarily in the excellent solution of geydzinerov - quick access in the mode of game slowing down, the wheel of choice of weapons and skills. The world around you as lively and cruel as possible will not let you stagnate for a long time in one place, forcing you to travel further and further in search of Hope for a peaceful future.

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