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  • Language - Russian subtitles
  • Age limit - 18+
  • Online play requires a PlayStation Plus subscription
  • Compatible with all PlayStation 4 consoles.

Detroit: Become Human is exclusive to Playstation 4. Detroit is an adventure video game with elements of interactive cinema, the game demonstrates a short-term future in which people are actively using advanced androids - robots-services indistinguishable from people. Androids must obey their masters without hindrance. In the game, androids are advanced enough to celebrate, it's just a fact with which you need to be measured. The game is clearly represented by the social oppression of androids, they are used not only as a servant, they are frankly mocked, beaten and even broken over them. People in Detroit are shown to be as inhumane as possible. And after that, some of the androids, as a result of a software failure, become "deviant", endowed with their own will.

In the near future, in 2038, on the ground in full swing is the production of androids - robots, created by the company "CyberLife" to meet various human needs. The game's events take place in Detroit.

The game received high ratings from fans and the press. Detroit: Become Human has become the most successful game from the commercial point of view of Quantic Dream. By 2019, sales of the game have reached more than 2 million copies.

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