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Age limit 0+
Players 1-4
Language english/rus
Genre sport
Relise October 01, 2021

Game description FIFA 22 (Russian version) PS4

Get charged with football. EA SPORTS ™ brings more and more reality to FIFA 22 with fundamental gameplay improvements and innovations across all game modes. New gameplay features in FIFA 22 include greater stability on the last frontier thanks to the changing behavior of goalkeepers, new ball physics, explosive spurts that pay tribute to the acceleration of the world's fastest footballers, as well as new attacking tactics that allow you to control the team's play. Live your soccer dreams in Career Mode - create a soccer club and lead it to glory. VOLTA FOOTBALL rewards you for your filigree technique with redesigned gameplay and new ways to play and progress each season. Build your squad in Pro Clubs with enhanced team customization options and updated progression in which you have complete control over the development of your virtual footballer. The most memorable players return to FIFA Ultimate Team ™ as new FUT Heroes, and the new competition structure makes it even easier for you to test your skills against other players. No matter how you play, unmatched authenticity awaits you - 17,000 players, over 700 teams and over 30 leagues, including the UEFA Champions League, Libertadores Cup CONMEBOL and the new UEFA Conference League - only in FIFA 22.

Fulfill your football dreams in Career Mode in FIFA 22. Create a club and transform your players from relegation candidates to global stars. Enjoy updated playability in Player Career Mode that will give you even more opportunities to progress with your Pro, celebrate and be there for you.

GAME PROCESS FIFA 22 (Russian version) PS4

The reimagined gameplay creates a fundamental progression that you will experience in every FIFA 22 mode. Goalkeeping changes bring more stability to the game at the last line, new ball physics reveals every pass, shot and goal in a new light, and explosive dash allows you to feel the acceleration of the fastest players in the world.

Goalkeeping changes - the updated goalkeeping system will increase the intelligence level when playing on goal - now the goalkeepers will make better decisions and more reliably reflect the shots. In FIFA 22, goalkeeper positional personality recreates a variety of goalkeeping styles, reflecting the lightning-fast reflexes of world-class shot-stoppers.

True Ball Physics - FIFA 22 uses real-world football data to take ball physics to the next level of realism. By taking into account such parameters as speed, spin, air resistance, friction on the lawn and rolling friction, with each touch, reception, hit, pass or dribble, the movement and flight of the ball will be as close to reality as possible.

Explosive Dash - A new game mechanic that alters the dynamics of a one-on-one stroke in the game, giving you more control over acceleration when dribbling or defending. Lure opponents and choose the moment in the attack when you turn on full speed to leave the defenders behind.

New Offensive Tactics - New offensive tactics allow you to better control your team's play. Customize your team's different playing styles on different halves of the pitch: keep the ball in your own half and launch explosive attacks with fast ball movement in your opponent's half, play straight from box to box, or customize your own unique style.

FIFA 22 CAREER MODE (Russian version) PS4

Fulfill your football dreams in Career Mode in FIFA 22. Create a club and transform your players from relegation candidates to global stars. Enjoy updated gaming experiences in Player Career Mode that will give you even more opportunities to progress with your Pro, celebrate and be there for you.

We'll be sharing more details about the new Career Mode features shortly.


VOLTA FOOTBALL returns to the field with even more flair. Discover new ways to express your style and connect with your team on street football fields around the world.


Build your dream squad and play the most popular mode in FIFA with thousands of players to add to your squad and endless possibilities to change your club on and off the pitch. Whether you play solo in Squad Battles or together in FUT Co-op, online in Division Rivals or against the best players in FUT Champions, FIFA Ultimate Team ™ (FUT) gives fans the opportunity to become part of the football world with a season of content that reflects the shape of players in real matches. and tournaments including the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, and the CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team features a redesigned Division Rivals and FUT Champions competition system that makes it even easier for you to test your skills and progress against other players. Now you will have even more options to personalize your club with new levels of personalization both on and off the pitch, and you will meet the Heroes of FUT - the return of all your favorite footballers.

Heroes of FUT - Meet the Heroes of FUT - special versions of players, created in honor of the most memorable football players and representing the unforgettable moments in which they won the hearts of fans forever. Whether it's Robbie Keane, who lifted the FA Cup in 2008, or Diego Milito, who secured Inter's treble in the 2010 UEFA Champions League final with his double in the 2010 UEFA Champions League final, or Mario Gomez, whose goal brought his team to victory in the Bundesliga in 2007- m - FUT Heroes unlock new league Chemistry Squads and recreate the memorable moments that earned them their spot as a FUT 22 Hero.

We'll be providing more details on what's new in FIFA Ultimate Team shortly.


It's time to recruit the squad for the new season of Pro Clubs - enjoy the new personalization options that will make your club's stands and pitch truly unique, a new player development system that allows you to fully control the development of your virtual football player, and a convenient game with communication options, thanks to which Finding matches will be easier than ever.


FIFA 22 is an unrivaled authenticity and the most faithfully recreated world game with the greatest football stars and teams. With over 17,000 players, over 700 teams, over 90 stadiums and over 30 leagues - FIFA 22 is the only game in which you can take part in such iconic tournaments and leagues as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the new UEFA Conference League , CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores, South American Cup CONMEBOL, English Premier League, Bundesliga and La Liga.

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