Mafia Definitive Edition (PS4/PS5)

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Age limit 18+
PlayStation Plus required to play online
Compatible with all PlayStation 4 consoles.

The first part of the Mafia crime saga - 30s, Lost Haven, Illinois
A remake of the cult game was created from scratch. Build a career as a dangerous mobster during the hard times of Prohibition. Taxi driver Tommy Angelo accidentally ran into the mafia and fell into the harsh world of organized crime. The wary attitude towards the Salieri family changed after big money went into action ...

Your gangster saga:
Become a thug in times of prohibition and occupy the highest level of the criminal hierarchy.

Lost Haven, Illinois:
Detailed reconstruction of the city of the 30s of the XX century - architecture, culture of the period between the World Wars.

Remake of the classics:
A game with an extended storyline and features, as well as an original soundtrack. This is the same good old Mafia that everyone remembers and loves, but only in a modern version.

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