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    The new part of the series Mortal Combat, 11 in a row, continues to be the best in the Fighting genre, clearly, among the leaders in innovations in gameplay, graphics and plot. The game, loved by millions, will embody in the new version all the main developments of game design, setting and dynamics of game scenes, for example, the modified Unreal Engine 3 game engine will give players incredibly high quality standards of graphics, detail of the game world and characters.
As part of the storyline, the developers worked out in detail the motives and goals of the main characters, who are not without a well-known God of thunder, but embodied in a new role - Dark Raiden, who is trying with all his might to protect the earth from the conquerors, but he will still have an unprecedented enemy Kronika "Keeper of Time", which is trying to establish a stable order in the universe by any means and eliminate Raiden for interfering with the Events of the past. Their epic confrontation will resolve the fate of the universe.

The player is given a choice of as many as 25 characters who, like their usual set of “classic” characters, such as Kun Lao, Sabziro and the legendary “Scorpion”, have been added the long-awaited “Novices” Scarlet, the Lady of the Blood, in her red vestment she is able to kill anyone at a distance with his own blood Geras, submitting time and sand, and his huge, metalic right fist inspires fear in any adversary. Noob Saibot is not a novice, but they were expecting him from the 8th. | Shang Zong, the ruthless Magician subjugating the souls of his opponents.
For each character provides incredible features customization. You get the right to choose the "Demonstration of Power" before the battle and the "Glee" at the end, the List of available light fatalities, and even select the set of abilities that you take with you to battle. Also in the game they replaced the usual super trick "X-Ray" with "Fatal Blow", which can be used only once per round and having a Simplified set of necessary points for use, but instantly taking at least 30% of the HP in the usual cool form.

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