Game disk PS4 Mortal Kombat 1

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  • Language - Russian subtitles
  • Age limit - 18+
  • Online play requires a PlayStation Plus subscription
  • Compatible with all PlayStation 4 consoles.

Uncharted 4: The way of the thief - a third-person action adventure with elements of a three-dimensional platformer. The game is exclusive to the Playstation 4 and is positioned as the final part of the series. As before, one has to play for Neuton Drake who, during his life, the treasure hunter managed to visit ancient and mythical places, like Eldorado, Shambola and the lost city of Uba, but these adventures were left behind. Neuton reached middle age, got a job and settled down now he spends free evenings with his wife Helen and plays Krashe bandikut. Actually, for which they like Uncharted: this is a story and characters.

At the beginning of A Thief’s End, these changes are visible to the naked eye. Nathan settled down and tied up with a treasure hunt, he spent all day going through papers in the office, but then Brother Sam suddenly appeared, for Drake it was a surprise arrival of his brother Sam, whom he had considered dead for the last 15 years. The brother is threatened by terrible people, he needs help, so Nathan has to fasten his holster for the last time - well, an exceptional case, justifying the return to life that Drake seemed to leave behind.

The picture looks juicy, spectacular and just great. So many beautiful places and memorable landscapes were not yet in any Uncharted

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