Want to upgrade your old game console or gamepad to new ones?
Tired of the old game, but you don't have enough money to buy a new one?
Trade-in service in NewPlay allows you to exchange your old game console or game for new ones.
No need to waste your time looking for a buyer, NewPlay Trade-in is fast and safe.
Bring an old Playstation from the previous generation or the current but old revision and get a discount on the current new model.
Also, as part of this service, we will buy your old game, and you just have to pay the difference to the new one.

* The exact estimated cost is determined after the examination of the game console by an expert of the NewPlay store.

** Game disc must be with the box and not damaged, our rating of the game is not negotiable. Your right to refuse or agree with it.

You can pre-negotiate the terms of the exchange in Viber or Telegram. And also with our managers by phone.