Virtual reality glasses PS VR Bundle DOOM

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  • The virtual reality glasses of PlayStation VR (CUH-ZVR2)
  • Printed materials.
  • Power cable.
  • HDMI cable
  • Micro-Usb Cable
  • Camera v2
  • Included game disc PS VR DOOM


This kit includes an updated version of the PlayStation VR CUH-ZXR2 virtual reality helmet and an updated version of the PlayStation Camera v2.

This is one of the most advanced gaming technology of our time. Immersion in virtual reality: If you want to drive on steep wheelbarrows, if you want to jump on large skyscrapers or plunge to the bottom of the ocean. Feel the game, find yourself in the heart of new worlds, wearing a virtual reality headset in the form of a helmet. Simply connect the PlayStation VR to your PS4 game console and transfer yourself to the new game worlds.

In the improved PS VR model, several important changes were made: The PlayStation VR helmet received an updated design, the headphones in the new version were changed, they will be already built in, and the interconnect cable has become more subtle and comfortable, this is probably the most important. More importantly, in the CUH-ZVR2 processor module was updated, which will add support for HDR-image to the device, which will make the picture much more pleasant for the eyes. The external unit was also changed, it now became monolithic a little lighter, thinner and began to understand HDR images.


  • Playstation 4
  • PlayStation 4 Slim
  • PlayStation 4 Pro

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